Should you go condo or single-family in Humboldt Park?

Two Humboldt Park new listings slid into our email inbox over the weekend, a 2-bedroom, 2-bath condo asking $299,900 and a 4-bedroom 3 ½ bath single-family priced at $359,900.

The condo, Unit 504 at 2800 W North Ave, is in a building that we first noted in May of 2009, just before it was branded as The Silver District. A scant two months after our first post we were told that 11 of the 20 units in the building were under contract. The Silver District acquired a bit of tarnish in the form of multiple lien claims from unpaid contractors, and not all of those contracts closed.

The single-family home, at 1741 N Mozart, is touted as bank-owned and open to offers after the “builder overspent.”

Both properties are technically in the West Town Community Area, but most locals would call the area Humboldt Park. The park itself is just across the street from 2800 W North Ave, and you can see the building in the background of the above photo.

You won’t find a lot of restaurants in the immediate area, but there is a Burger King a block away on North Ave. In the summer there’s a good selection of food trailers on the periphery of the park, and a worm pit to assist in catching your dinner at the Humboldt Park lagoon.

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