Slow-moving apartment project at Western and Bloomingdale finally nearing completion

New rental building at Western and Bloomingdale in Chicago

I kind of tuned out the long-stalled project at Western and Bloomingdale avenues sometime last year, well after it had turned into a boarded-up, graffiti-tagged stump of a building, so despite walking past it on my way to and from the train on an almost daily basis, it wasn’t until the past week or two that I realized the building was actually going up again. In the few days that have passed since I shot this picture, almost all of the building’s windows have gone in, and it almost looks like a livable place.

Judging from the building permits issued around the intersection, the building should have ground-level retail, 18 homes on the second through fourth floors, and a 25-car garage. There was a New West sign hanging on the building for the longest time, but that’s gone now, and an HVAC contractor I reached this afternoon said New West was not involved with the development these days. He also noted that the units will be rentals, which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

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