Sorry about that northwest view, Cityfront Place

The tower portion of Cityfront Place, 400 N McClurg Ct, is rotated at a 45-degree angle from the building’s parking podium.

The reason for the rotation is easy to understand: it maximized the views from the apartments in all directions. The above aerial shots should allow you to get a fairly good fix on the view corridors.

Three weeks ago we wondered whether 435 North Park, currently under construction, might block views of the Chicago River from several buildings further east.

The view northwest from Cityfront Place has changed dramatically since it was fronted by a vacant lot when we shot the first of the above pics 16 months ago. 435 North Park has risen only a little more than halfway to its eventual 52-story height, but it’s already blocking the northwest view from Cityfront Place.

The river views will be gorgeous for a long time to come.

You can see 100s more of YoChicago’s aerial shots of Chicago at Flickr.

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