South Loop Market opening in September at 235 Van Buren

I met Jimmy, one of the owners, at the South Loop Market this morning. It’s a family-run business, and Jimmy’s wife and 8-month old daughter looked on as we talked.

The South Loop Market will be opening a second location, at the new 235 Van Buren high-rise, in September. The existing store carries “all the main convenient goods from a large supermarket, crammed into 3,200 square feet, which is exactly what we’ll have at 235 Van Buren,” said Jimmy. It has a truly outstanding selection of beers and wines – over 250 varieties of each – for a store its size.

South Loop Market has had very positive reviews at Yelp. A recent review by Eric G:

I’m a little hesitant giving away my secret spot, but these guys have most of everything you could need on short notice without running to the grocery store. They have the basics, but also tons of the extras including a vast wine and beer selection which is great if you’ve got an after-work hankering and don’t want to overspend at a bar. The sandwiches are good, freshly made with Boar’s Head Meats and Cheeses and they’ve got coffee by Intelligentsia brewed and for sale. There is some fresh produce and herbs, dairy and eggs, chips, soda, cereal, etc. They do good business and the guys who own and operate the place a great, I give them kudos for reading the neighborhood and providing what the customers want. The prices are moderate, you pay for the quality of what you buy, but the few extra pennies are worth not having to drive and find parking for soda or cilantro.

Highly recommended!

Join us for a look around the South Loop Market in this sponsored video.

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