South Shore squatters meet the world’s largest junk removal truck

The boom in foreclosures has contributed to the growth of a number of businesses that deal with the conditions found at foreclosed properties. It has also provided illegal squatters a range of previously unavailable housing opportunities.

Able Removal Service, which operates “the world’s largest junk removal truc,” describes an encounter with squatters at a foreclosed South Shore home:

We were cleaning out a foreclosed property up on South Bennett Avenue in Chicago today when we were confronted by the illegal squatters who were living in the house. They called the police on us claiming we were “stealing” their possessions! They wanted me to empty the entire 35 cubic yards of junk from my truck right in to the street so they could salvage their possessions! We ended up driving away with the assistance of the Chicago Police! Thanks a lot to the Chicago PD.

The Sixth Ward blog recently posted on the art of squatting.

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