Sponsored post: Customization, conveniences are key at JFJ's Lakeview East condos

Broadway 3030, 3030 N Broadway, Chicago

With its long list of building amenities, conveniences and customizable options, JFJ Development’s new Broadway 3030 project in Lakeview East truly is a departure from the ordinary, writes Andrew Peck in the September issue of New Homes:

“With this project, we’re not targeting any specific buyer,” Zitzman says. “This is a neighborhood that is home to an extremely diverse population. We want to be inclusive of all the many different lifestyles and personalities that make this community great.”

As with all of JFJ’s projects, a high level of personal customization is possible at Broadway 3030. For Zitzman, this isn’t just a major selling point – it’s part of his professional philosophy.

“We are dedicated to catering to the lifestyle of the individual,” Zitzman says. “If they want to move walls around or turn a two-bedroom into a large one-bedroom, they have that option.”

JFJ and Hartshorne Plunkard Architects had this customization flexibility in mind when they designed Broadway 3030.

“Many buildings are difficult to customize, but we have always offered the option to do so,” Zitzman said. “If buyers want something that isn’t typically on the menu, there normally isn’t a lot of room to do that. We do it. That’s what separates us, and buyers know it. They expect that.”

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