Hidden fireplace, funky cornice and other treasures in Pine Grove home

The top-floor cornice at 2735 N Pine Grove Ave caught our eye, but we quickly found out that the Victorian stylings are only part of the building’s unusual features.

2735 N Pine Grove sglass.jpgLike the cornice, the stained-glass front door manages to simultaneously clash with, and complement the limestone facade. Rubloff agent Todd Piety, who shares the property listing with Scott Rife, showed us that the interior has as many surprises as the exterior.2735 N Pine Grove int.jpg

Besides the distinctive staircase railing and interior doorway arches, Piety suspects that a past renovation has concealed a fireplace inside a wall.

But we’re pretty sure that the first- and second-floor fireplaces will satisfy whomever buys the available $1.6M five-bedroom four-bath home.

No one is sure who designed the 5,000-square-foot home, although Piety tells us that it was most likely designed by Enoch Hill Turnock. Turnock was best known for Brewster Apartments, which is just down the road at 2800 N Pine Grove Ave. That building gained Chicago Landmark status in 1982, after patiently waiting 99 years.

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