Stupid Realtor tricks: 23 $1,000 reductions in 42 days for a Graceland West Victorian

4023 N Paulina St, Chicago

OK, everybody in class stare at the single-family at 4023 N Paulina St. It obviously wants our attention, so we’ll give it some.

In May this 6,400 square-foot, six-bedroom Victorian home went on the market for $1.98 million, and stayed at that price until the end of September, when it dropped to $1.85 million. Since that time, it’s dropped in price 23 times, always by $1,000 each time, sometimes as frequently as six times a week. At this pace, the home should reach its 2005 sales price of $1.75 million around the turn of the new year.

This isn’t a case of a Realtor feeling around for a sweet spot. It’s a case of a Realtor trying to keep a listing near the top of everyone’s “recently reduced” search results, day in and day out. Congratulations — we see it. How’s that working out for the seller?

Silly tactics aside, it appears to be a charming house, featuring a Christopher Peacock kitchen, a wrap-around porch, second-floor laundry, a three-car garage, and a large yard. It has a convenient location, too — gives it a “Very Walkable” score of 89 and an “Excellent Transit” score of 74.

4023 N Paulina St, Chicago 4023 N Paulina St, Chicago

4023 N Paulina St, Chicago 4023 N Paulina St, Chicago

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