Stupid Realtor tricks, pricing games variety

The newly-built home at 2448 W Cullom Ave in the fictional “south Ravenswood Manor” has more than 70 entries, beginning in May of 2006, in its listing history at Redfin. The latest is a $100 price reduction – to $874,800.

Another recently-built home, at 1106 N Christiana St in Humboldt Park, has 3 dozen entries in its 3-year listing history – the latest a $5,000 price reduction. Several previous price reductions on this property have been followed by price increases.

Anyone who spends much time looking at listings encounters this attention-seeking behavior time after time, and many of them doubtless conclude, as I typically do, that these are listings – and agents – to be avoided.

What can the agents who play these annoying games possibly be thinking?

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