Superior 110's garage is blue too


Last week, Joe’s Printers Corner post sparked a pretty lively discussion on the topic of garage design. Most readers deemed Printers Corner’s parking decks to be “abysmal” or “heinous,” but reader cgcg offered a short list of developments with well-designed parking podiums:

There are plenty of architects who have elevated the parking podium to an art form, most famously Bertrand Goldberg with Marina City but, more recently, Helmut Jahn at his latest high-rise, Ralph Johnson with Contemporaine and 235 W Van Buren (maybe a bit austere by some standards but probably the most economical of the lot). Joe Valerio’s design for the base of 161 W Kinzie looks very promising, too.

Well, Yo reader, what do you think of Superior 110‘s attempt at camouflaging its garage? Instead of acknowledging it, Hartshorne Plunkard has hidden it behind a wall of blue glass, and it looks like there are false balconies at right in the above photo. The side that faces Superior Street has blue glass, but the side facing Clark Street is just a blank white wall. There’s currently a surface-level parking lot between Superior 110 and Clark Street.

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