Are Cicadas an inspiration for wary homebuyers?

Cicadas in Flossmoor

We spotted these cicadas , precocious little buggers apparently, in Flossmoor last weekend. City neighborhoods are allegedly awash in them, but we haven’t seen too many in the asphalt-heavy environs we tend to frequent in the city.

We imagine it might be a different story in the greener pastures of Sauganash, Edgebrook, Beverly and Mount Greenwood.

How are cicadas affecting life in your neighborhood? Have they impeded anyone’s home hunt, ruined any showings? Any carefully staged houses marred by the crunch of exoskeletons?

Or, are they proving an inspiration for wary homebuyers who have been sitting on the fence waiting, waiting, waiting for the market to pick up? Click on “Comments” below.

Cicadas crawling up tree Soil tunnel from cicada

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