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Quote of the day: Resigning ourselves to another tax credit

I know a lot of you out there would argue that a housing market correction, as painful as it is, is necessary for housing to truly find its footing ag [...]

Quote of the day: No sales but lots of nerves following tax credit expiration

From Reuters: We are getting a little nervous. - Economist David Sloan, on a record plunge in new home sales in May, likely due to the expiration of [...]
Quote of the day: Deadline day

Quote of the day: Deadline day

It’s absolutely crazy. Getting multiple offers on some listings. Lots of people who were on the fence have come down. Lots of last minute showings for [...]

Coldwell Banker looks beyond tax credit deadline with new closing credit incentive

"Approaching" or "looming" aren't sufficient anymore -- the deadline for the federal home buyer tax credits is all but here, and that has a lot of peo [...]

Quote: home buyer tax credits creating "false sense" of demand

You can't really take the current housing statistics too seriously, because the government has been doing everything they can to support the housing m [...]
Pizza, Red Bull, and last-minute purchases at 565 Quincy's late-night "tax dashes"

Pizza, Red Bull, and last-minute purchases at 565 Quincy's late-night "tax dashes"

Sometimes there are rewards for procrastinating...rewards like pizza and energy drinks. I'm not talking finals week -- I'm talking tax credits. Bel [...]

The end is nigh for home buyer tax credits

Don't know if you've heard about it, but there's this thing called a "first-time buyer tax credit" going around right now, as well as a "repeat buyer [...]

Quote of the day: Let the credits expire

From The Wall Street Journal: “It’s worn out its benefit. If you extend it again, it isn’t going to do much, and what you’re doing is providing a tax [...]

The homebuyer tax credit: it's growing!

In case you haven't heard, Congress has extended and expanded the home buyers tax credit. First-time buyers are still eligible for as much as $8,000, [...]

Quote of the day: Snuff the tax credit

Almost 74,000 buyers claimed the credit even though they probably owned a house over the past three years (the credit is only available to those who d [...]

Quote of the day: the clock is ticking

"If they want to do a regular traditional [purchase], I think we can get it done, but you'd better have everything in place. You'd better have your mo [...]

Quote of the day: Extension or expiration?

"This is the best market we've ever had in history. We're seeing a lot of positive news in the housing market these days, and the more positive news w [...]
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