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Quote: FHA isn't the new subprime

“All we think about is credit risk, but comparing it to subprime just doesn’t make any sense. Let’s be rational." - FHA Commissioner David Stevens, d [...]

Quote of the day: Inventory concerns "overdone"

“Although we forecast that as many as 7 million foreclosures are likely to occur over the next several years, we believe the pace at which these homes [...]

Quote of the day: Stagnant, not stable

"In the condominium market, the high-end cash buyer is finding highly discounted units (bargains) and the dollar volume of those sales is distorting t [...]

Another quote: Walking away is OK

Think of private-equity firms that close a factory — essentially deciding that the company is worth more dead than alive. Or the New York Yankees and [...]

Quote: The future of vacancies and rents

"If we wanted to be hopeful about the situation, we might see a recovery by the middle of this year. If we don't see any movement like that by the mid [...]

Quote: Taking the wind out of the sales

"Gulp." - Jennifer Lee, senior economist with BMO Capital Markets, reacting to a 16-percent drop in pending home sales from October to November. Econ [...]

Quote: Booby-trapping West Haven

“We put scattered-site public housing in the neighborhood to make it distasteful for really, really higher income. If I’ve got a half-million dollar h [...]

Quote of the day: South Side speculation

"I think there's probably going to be a lot of speculation going on in some of these lower income neighborhoods where the property values declined to [...]

Quotes of the day: Luxury homes underwater

“The reason the low end stopped falling is because the government stepped in with affordable loans. There is no political will to bail out a million-d [...]

From the rumor mill: How slow was 2009?

Here's an appropriately chilling stat for you on this cold December afternoon. A little bird tells us that at one of the city's brokerages, a whopping [...]

Quote of the day: Debunking displacement

Because no one has brought up the "G-word" lately: Back in 2003, Lance Freeman, an associate professor of urban planning at Columbia, wanted to find [...]

Quote of the day: Liquor stores, not libraries

For kids at Altgeld, who are already so isolated from the rest of the city, not having a library is a big deal. The resources your community provides [...]

Quote of the day: renting as a "stealth stimulus"

People's increasing willingness to abandon their own piece of America illustrates a paradoxical change wrought by the housing bust: Even as it tarnish [...]

The most important thing: views from the corporate relocation industry

Most of our properties have been selling if they're priced right. 2008 was probably a worse year, actually -- it took homes longer to sell then than i [...]

Quote of the day: Who's buying?

Your Guide’s recent sales have been split equally between health care professionals and technology providers. Health care seems to be one industry tha [...]

Quotes of the day: a return to simplicity

"By the end of the boom, design was getting outrageous and unreal. I think it’s going to be simpler going forward. Everybody is conserving their asset [...]

"Nesters are the new flippers"

"Many people consider buying to get more space but when they look at all the costs they figure it makes sense to stay put. They say, 'I like my house, [...]
Query quintet: Five questions with @properties agent Courtney Larisey

Query quintet: Five questions with @properties agent Courtney Larisey

I met @properties agent Courtney Larisey last month during a tour of brokers open houses in Wicker Park. Courtney, who was marketing a short-sale in a [...]

Quote of the day: the crash is still crashing

"The housing crash is not over... This lull in foreclosures sales has resulted in the price gains in the past few months. Foreclosure sales will incre [...]
Quote of the day: Block 37 disappoints

Quote of the day: Block 37 disappoints

It is a major architectural disappointment, a light-filled upgrade for the underground pedway system and an urban hub whose potential won't be realize [...]
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