Ten East Delaware evokes '20s style

Ten East Delaware

In the August issue of New Homes Magazine, architect Lucien Lagrange dishes on Ten East Delaware, his classically inspired 35-story high-rise in the Gold Coast:

The 35-story high-rise underway at 10 E. Delaware Place has a sandy-colored French limestone facade with a pre-cast cornice, a style that evokes Chicago architecture of the 1920s. The detailing extends to the exterior of the ground-level garage.

“A building has to touch the ground in a very graceful way, so as you come down to ground, there’s a lot of detail,” he says. “You want to design a building so it doesn’t hit the ground – it sits on the ground.”

Architects often design the exterior of a building first and then move to the interior layout. “We don’t do that,” Lagrange says. The arrangement of rooms within the condos is paramount in his view.

Read the full story at New Homes Magazine online.

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