The 2017 list of new downtown Chicago apartments

Note: We’ve published an updated list and map for 2018.

If you want to experience the thrill of moving into a never-lived-in apartment in downtown Chicago, we’ve got your list. Scroll down to see every major new building, video tours of many of them, and a map of their locations.

We also have some advice for you. If you want to lock in the most desirable apartments in a new building, plan at least four and perhaps six months ahead. Apartments typically become available on the lower floors first, and high-floor units with the best views may not deliver until six months after pre-leasing begins.

Our 2017 list includes more than 40 buildings with over 14,000 apartments. Some of the buildings opened in 2016 and still have first-occupancy units; some have recently opened; some are about to begin pre-leasing; and some may begin pre-leasing late this year for 2018 occupancy. We’ll supplement this list as we learn more.

Neighborhood names in the grid link to our comprehensive apartment guides, which show you all of your options in each neighborhood. Linked reviews provide additional info about the building and its immediate location.

Narrated YouTube video tours are linked in the following grid.

All of the new buildings are listed on the following map. Click on any building with a green place marker to view videos. Yellow place markers identify buildings that are still under construction and have not begun pre-leasing.

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