The 2700 block of Lakewood is nearing completion

We’ve looked in on the 2700 block of Lakewood from time to time. In May of 2011 we saw large stretches of vacant land on both sides of the block, and paused to shoot video.

When we stopped by last October, a single house was under construction on the east side of the block and the rest of it was vacant. There were several homes under construction on the west side of the block.

Yesterday the block was a flurry of activity. The east side of the block was filled in with homes nearing completion, and there was only a single vacant home site available on the west side.

The east-side buildings toward the north end of the block are condos. A 4-bedroom, 3-bath duplex at 2755 N Lakewood is listed at $899,000. A 2-bedroom, 2-bath at 2745, a building that has the outward appearance of a single-family home, is listed at $549,000.

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