The annals of American Invsco

Several years back I’d already heard so many garish tales of American Invsco’s dealings that I almost shouted “don’t want to hear it” when an insider attempted to unload a dumpster full of them on me.

In a rare lapse from my usual disinterest in variations on the theme of Invsco being Invsco I read through this article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal. I checked several times to ensure that I was, in fact, perusing a respected daily newspaper rather than the Onion.

The story line, in brief: when American Invsco converted The Meridian in Las Vegas an affiliated company entered into a lease with the associaton for a parcel of land. That parcel was the main driveway to the property. When the association fell behind in rental payments the landowner erected a chain link fence blocking access to the property via the main driveway.

Read the entire story.

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