The annals of inconsequential price cuts: more examples of stupid Realtor tricks

This weekend Joe Z. pointed out the pettiness of minuscule price cuts, which have no purpose except to bump homes up to the top of a search for newly discounted homes, usually just in time for weekend open houses. The example he used, a studio in Edgewater whose price dropped by just $4 from its original list price of $123,900, is even more obnoxious than he realized — those four dollars dropped off one at a time, first on May 1, and again on June 12, June 29, and July 30. Can this home’s listing agent really argue that he’s helping a home that’s been on and off the market since October 2007?

Below are more examples of this kind of nonsensical behavior,  price cuts of $1 and $10 in two instances, and regular cuts of $100 prior to weekends in another. These aren’t the only “stupid Realtor tricks” from this weekend, either — just the most ridiculous examples I found from a quick search.

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