The Axis of…shopping? Traffic?


For students of math and science, the word “axis” might call to mind the Cartesian coordinate system or such non-threatening geometric terms as the “axis of rotation” and the “axis of symmetry.” For the rest of us, though, the word can imply something a bit more menacing — think “Axis powers” or “Axis of evil.” So for The Axis condos above CB2 at 1600 N Halsted St, which is it?

Maybe “The Axis” refers to the building’s location on the corner of a busy intersection, as if to suggest that the world rotates around the continual traffic jam at the intersection of North Avenue and Halsted Street. Or maybe the traffic problem, which is itself evil and poses a threat to general well-being and sanity, should be lumped together with the rogue nations of the world and classified as a threat to our freedom and way of life.

Then again, maybe not. And in fact, the North Avenue Bridge is finally open to two lanes of traffic in each direction, so that should help ease congestion on that stretch of North Avenue.

In the two months since Patrick posted a sales update, four condos in The Axis have been sold, so the @properties sales team of Robin Miner and Brooke Vanderbok must be doing something right. According to Vanderbok, eight of the building’s 20 units are still available, and price points on the remaining units range from the $220s to the $260s. Two of the available units are located on the third floor, and the other six are on the second floor.

The units listed in the $220s and $230s are “as-is,” meaning that they still have the original Formica countertops and carpeting from the early 1990s. The upgraded units listed in the $250s and $260s come with hardwood floors, stainless-steel appliances, new laminate and granite counters, and track and recessed lighting.

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