The biggest apartment search mistakes – Number 4, ignoring warning signs

A warning sign

The biggest mistake apartment searchers make is failing to focus on a small number of ideal and affordable neighborhoods. The second biggest mistake is waiting too long to begin searching. The third biggest mistake that apartment hunters make is searching only online and often in the wrong places.

The fourth biggest mistake is ignoring warning signs.

What’s a warning sign? The list of items that signal “trouble ahead” is almost endless, but you can apply a simple rule-of-thumb. A warning sign is anything that doesn’t square with knowledge you’ve gained or expectations that were reasonably created by an ad. A warning sign is anything that makes you uncomfortable or makes you suspect the veracity of what you’re being told.

If you encounter a warning sign when looking at an apartment or working with a rental service, you should immediately move on. Don’t look for or accept upbeat explanations or excuses. Don’t expect a bad situation to get better. Just move on to a different apartment or rental service.

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