The Brewster Building’s water tower before the fall

The water tower on top of the landmark Brewster Building, 2800 N Pine Grove, collapsed yesterday, injuring several people.

Chicago’s media rushed to the scene and have provided extensive coverage of the incident, including images of the fallen water tower and aerial views of the site from which it tumbled.

We’ve dipped into our archives of more than 300,000 photos so you can see the intact water tower. From top to bottom the images were shot from the roof of 424 W Diversey, a balcony at 441 W Oakdale, and the roof deck of 2828 N Pine Grove, immediately north of the Brewster.

Trivia: Back in my days as an attorney I represented the investor group that converted the Brewster to condos, and drafted the original condominium declaration for the building.

Added: Chuck Goudie of ABC 7’s I-Team featured our photos, along with a few more we sent along, in the following report:

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