The cheapest loft in Chicago?

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It’s possible that you’ll run across a less expensive loft than the one you see above, but I can’t find any in our New Homes Quick Guide. So until I hear otherwise, this one-bedroom in Rogers Park holds the title of Chicago’s cheapest loft.

The 950 square-foot unit in The Kopley Group‘s Renaissance Lofts, 1791 W Howard St, is priced at $184,900, which is just slightly cheaper than the one-bedrooms selling at the nearby Rogers Lofts, the Shoemaker Lofts in Avondale or the McKinley Park Lofts down on the South Side.

The second-floor concrete loft has 12-foot ceiling heights, oversized windows, a 14′-3″ x 21′-6″ living / dining area and a 17 x 10′-3″ bedroom.

That mid-$180s tag comes with one concession, of course: If the Renaissance Lofts were any farther north (across the street, even), it would be in Evanston. On the other hand, access to the Red and Purple lines is just one block east via the Howard stop, so it’s not as if access to downtown is hard to come by.

The only other one-bedroom for sale at Renaissance Lofts is a smaller penthouse unit (750 square feet) selling in the mid-$190s.

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