The Elysian's metropolitan touch

The Elysian, 11 E Walton St, Chicago

After dropping me off at the Hancock for my interview with Jenny Ames of Coldwell Banker, my man Jeeves pulled the company car around to The Elysian, 11 E Walton St, where he proceeded to kill an hour doing donuts around the tower’s fancy new fountain.

Ever the sharp and loyal valet, Jeeves keeps a point-and-shoot on his body at all times, and upon our return to Yo headquarters, he delivered these new pictures of The Elysian’s circular drive, its retail space at the corner of Walton and Rush streets (soon to be home of a new Marc Jacobs boutique, great for when you’re not game for slumming among Bucktown’s gauche middle class), and of the tower itself, in which you can see the placement of its full and Juliet-style balconies. (I know we have a tradition of working our quaint “Yo-mobile” into our sidewalk snapshots, but Jeeves gets protective when it comes to the Rolls.)

One of the signature pieces of The Elysian’s business plan until recently was the hotel condo. That product has proven to be troublesome both for The Elysian and Trump — stick around for some discussions about that from both Ames and Tricia Fox in a couple of upcoming video interviews.

And if you’re wondering — no, even Jeeves can’t decide whether this is the Gold Coast or River North.

The Elysian, 11 E Walton St, Chicago The Elysian, 11 E Walton St, Chicago

The Elysian, 11 E Walton St, Chicago

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