The flying forms are flying at K2

We’ve been diligently following construction progress at K2 at K Station, a new rental high-rise, for the past several weeks. You can see video of some of that progress at YouTube.
K2 at K Station

During the first three days of last week the primary focus was on site excavation. The picture above shows you the state of the site on Monday, with trucks being loaded and exiting the site to the east.

Excavation continued on Thursday and Friday, and loaded trucks were exiting to the west.

On Thursday work began with the reusable flying forms that facilitate rapid construction.

Workers guide a form into place in preparation for a concrete pour.

Prairie Material is supplying the concrete for K2. Prairie’s site is a good source of information about concrete construction, and why many high-rises are built with structural concrete rather than steel.

Check back next week for a progress report on K2’s construction.

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