The Gold Coast gallops south to Superior

Everyone loves to mock real estate agents who conjure new neighborhood names from their imagination: West Bucktown, West Roscoe Village and South Andersonville come readily to mind.

Sticklers for neighborhood boundaries (and I’m generally one of them) also rail against real estate agents who stretch neighborhood boundaries to include properties that are beyond them.

Almost everyone, however, gives the media a complete pass when its reporters misstate neighborhood locations.

Crain’s Chicago Real Estate is a frequent boundary jumper, and has repeatedly referred to properties as being located in the Gold Coast when they’re nowhere near it.

A recent example:

Christopher Carley beat back a lawsuit filed by a disgruntled investor in his 50-story Fordham condominium tower in the Gold Coast only to find himself facing a new claim from Jones Lang LaSalle Inc. seeking nearly $264,000.

The Fordham is at 25 E Superior St, 6 blocks from the Gold Coast’s southern boundary.

There’s a nice touch of irony here in that The Fordham is in an area that Carley carved out of River North and re-christened as the Cathedral District. It’s a neighborhood name that pops up occasionally in the media.

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