The history of Hollywood Park

Hollywood Park, Chicago

I don’t know when neighborhood kids stopped going to Hollywood Park. Maybe the opening of the much larger and better appointed Peterson Park on the grounds of the former Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium and the demise of neighborhood schools in Chicago were factors. The posted signs announcing the park closes at 8:30 p.m. point to other explanations.

Several times over this past summer I visited Hollywood Park and each time I was struck with the stillness of the place. Now entering its eighth decade, Hollywood Park has become what the original park commissioners envisioned back in 1926 — an escape from the noise and crowds of the city.

Frances Archer, reflecting on the creation of Hollywood Park and its evolution over the past 80 years. Frances’ post features several photos of Hollywood Park from its early days, courtesy of the Chicago Park District.

(Thanks to Realtor Luke Krzysztofiak@AgentLuke on Twitter — for the link.)

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