The Home Alone house is a great place to call home

My day started with a visit to one of the most iconic homes in America — the Home Alone house.

The home recently came on the market at a price of $2.4 million. It’s in one of the North Shore’s most attractive locations, a block from a lively strip of shops and restaurants, two blocks from the Metra station and Lake Michigan.

Coldwell Banker’s Marissa Hopkins was my tour guide as we focused on the house as a great place to call home.

Over many years I’ve been in many beautiful homes throughout the country. I’d rank this home among my favorite traditional homes, for its walkable location, its sense of rootedness and its timeless character.

The owners talk about their home in this video:

One of the neighbors reminisces about the filming of Home Alone in this video, which I shot several years ago:

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