The Loop's hidden gems

We’ve been chatting here at YoChicago about how the Loop is full of little bars and restaurants and the like, that are tucked away from sight. Now that all the highrise condo construction is turning the downtown area into a neighborhood in its own right, there are plenty of good hangouts for new Loop locals.

If you’re looking for a bar with a neighborhood feel, there is the Village Bar inside Italian Village. Rich, the bartender, fondly refers to his growing clientele of lawyers and judges who are moving in downtown as his “village idiots.”

Or there’s Ada’s Famous Deli, which is conveniently open til midnight if you’re jonesing for a Reuben sandwich. (Note: the owners recently left and the neighboring Crowne Plaza Hotel is now operating Ada’s.)

For Vietnamese there is To Pho Cafe, and my fellow blogger Mike Austin raves about the cajun at Heaven on Seven , tucked away in the Garland Building.

And it’s easy to forget that the Pittsfield Cafe is hidden inside the grand old Pittsfield Building.

And if the newbies are feeling lazy and want their food brought to them, that’s also easy to find. Italian Village offers home delivery and pasta starts at only $6 or $7 and there is a good pizza place down there whose name escapes me…

Drop us a line of you live in the Loop or have some suggestions of good neighborhood bars and eateries. Has Daley dispersed all the “bar bars” in favor of tourist-traps and high-end restaurants as some locals are claiming?

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