The North Branch as a neighborhood…

Future neighborhood? We can see why some people are raving about the North Branch of the Chicago River as a nice place to live.

While people are referring to the new developments popping up just west of Western Avenue and Roscoe Village, YoChicago could tolerate living somewhere north of Goose Island, just a few minutes away from restaurants and the like in Bucktown and Lincoln Park.

Developers are itching to get their hands on a few parcels of land that the city has designated Planned Manufacturing Districts, (like the Clybourn corridor), in an effort to save jobs as the industrial sector dries up.

The developers, of course, say that many of the big manufacturers left town a long time ago and much of the river is dotted with “marginal” businesses, like scrapyards, which are not dependant on the river for their livelihood and could be located anywhere. But there still seems to be a fairly thriving industrial scene just north of Goose Island.

Hmm. We don’t want to send any businesses packing and see people losing their jobs, but we must say we wouldn’t mind waking up to a rehabilitated riverfront every morning.

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