The Odyssey Lofts epic is nearing its end

We were saddened when Odyssey Lofts underwent a name change late in 2010. The original name called attention to its Greektown location and to the journeys underway on the adjacent expressway.

The 62-unit development formerly known as Odyssey Lofts purported to be more than 70% sold at one point, but fewer than 25% of the units closed before it went into foreclosure and was taken over by a new team. Reports of the number of units sold and their price ranges wandered as widely as Odysseus.

Two-thirds of the units have been sold and closed at the renamed 770 Lofts since the first of last year, and only a half dozen units remain available. One of them, a 1-bedroom priced at $249,900, is on one of the two floors that were added as new construction to the existing 6-story loft building. The new name of the development poetically evokes its location at 770 W Gladys.

Odyssey Lofts’ tag line, back in the day, was “if you lived here you’d be Homer by now,” and that affords us a pretext for a photo of the rosy-fingered sunset over the West Loop.

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