The party isn't over for the Chicago loft market

In the trendiest lofts of the city’s hippest neighborhoods it’s apparently no longer cool enough to throw parties on a rooftop deck or a mere balcony. These days the outdoor deck must also boast an all-weather glasshouse, complete with a wet bar for year-round entertaining.

The frameless glass enclosure is a feature on the upcoming Bucktown/Wicker Park boutique loft project 2105 W Concord, a warehouse conversion by Stillpoint Development (see “Projects” at their Web site). Each loft will have its own 20×30-foot deck, with a 10×15-foot glasshouse.

It’s a similar concept to the “winter gardens” we told you about on Dec. 5 that are starting to crop up on downtown highrises. They in turn are inspired by the enclosed balconies that feature on so many of the city’s old bungalows.

So maybe it’s not such a new idea after all. Lofts, which were once the rough diamond of the housing world, are increasingly taking on the comforts of the more traditional family home, just as new-construction condos mimic the high ceilings and open-plan layout of the loft.

Prices too, are often reflective of the broader market, particularly for loft developments in well-established neighborhoods like Bucktown. The 2105 W Concord units are priced from the $420s to the $530s.

Starving artists would be hard-pressed to find themselves a lowly garret these days.

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