The selection for swimmers in the South Loop

At a recent panel discussion about the rental market, Greg Mutz of AMLI Residential Partners said he expected Chicago’s next round of apartment buildings to offer “super amenity packages,” similar to those found in newer condominium developments.

It remains to be seen whether pools will be part of those packages. AMLI’s newest building in Chicago, AMLI 900, has a lot of lounges and outdoor spaces for its residents, but it doesn’t have a place to swim. In fact, out of the 15 South Loop apartment complexes we list in our at-a-glance spreadhseet, I could identify just four that have pools. So if that’s an amenity you’re into, you’ll want to focus on those places. Here they are, with the best pics I could find of each pool:

1130 South Michigan:

1130 S Michigan Ave

Astoria Tower, 8 E 9th St:

Astoria Tower, Chicago

Sky 55, 1255 S Michigan Ave:

Sky55, Chicago

2 East 8th (student housing):

2 E 8th St, Chicago

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