The spectacular views from Eugenie Terrace

I recently toured Eugenie Terrace, a 44-story, 575-unit rental high-rise directly across the street from Lincoln Park. The building’s location, at 1730 N Clark St, affords it great views in all directions. One of the more appealing views is the one over the park, above, shot through the floor-to-ceiling window of a 27th floor apartment.

The 44th-floor amenities level opens up sweeping vistas of the city. The following shots were taken from the pool deck.

You’d have to swivel your head – and body – from left to right to take in this panoramic view to the south.

The above shot looking over the Gold Coast is what you’d see if you fixed your gaze directly to the southeast.

The view to the northwest illustrates how sharply the density of the Lincoln Park neighborhood drops off once you’re past the high-rises that front the park.

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