The views from the Gold Coast’s Ambassador House

The Ambassador House condominium, 1325 N State Pkwy, has one of the better roof decks you’ll find anywhere in the city.

Its sheer size is one of the attractions. There seems to be enough space to accommodate all the residents of the building’s 112 units in the unlikely event that they all headed for the roof deck at the same time. The deck has a variety of flexible seating groupings and tables, along with grills and an outdoor pool. Sheltered areas along the lengthy east and west sides of the building afford a semblance of intimacy and privacy despite the deck’s size and sprawl.

The Ambassador House has a number much taller neighbors, but they don’t interfere greatly with the views in all directions.

I shot video at Unit 9C in the building yesterday with Tina Culver of Sergio & Banks, and will be posting it within a day or two. In the meantime, enjoy the views – and try not to be too jealous of this neighboring terrace.

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