Think River South is hot? Wait till you see NoNo-WeWe-LeLi

It’s exciting to think of the new “River South” neighborhood we referred to in an earlier post. Sure, the new name would confuse people who might assume it was across the river from River North, i.e. in the Loop, but that’s half the fun! We can’t wait for the day when people really do refer to the area south of Foster, in Uptown, as SoFo, and north of Foster, in Edgewater, as NoFo.

It’s only a matter of time until the blocks west of Western are known as WeWe, and friends near the corner of Mozart and Foster are lobbying hard for MoFo. The best neighborhood name we’ve heard so far though, comes from Yo’s own Mike Austin, who lives in NoNo-WeWe-LeLi — north of North, west of Wells and left of Lincoln. Austin, who is part Hawaiian, tells us the new name is quickly catching on.

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