Time Out asks, ‘Is Bridgeport the next Pilsen?’

Crossing Halsted

And they mean that in a good way.

It’s been ages (three whole months!) since anyone asked, “What’s the next hot ‘hood?”, so naturally it’s time to find out, and Time Out Chicago is on the case.

It’s not an open-ended question — you have just four choices, but at least you’re open to offer your reasoning in a comment field.

The candidates are:

  • Albany Park (The next Lincoln Square)
  • Avondale (The next Logan Square)
  • Bridgeport (The next Pilsen)
  • Uptown (The next Lakeview)

In case you missed it, Curbed’s poll from November had Pilsen coming out on top by a large margin, with Bridgeport and Humboldt Park tied for second.

You know what no one bothers to ask? What exactly is today’s hot ‘hood? (Or yesterday’s, for that matter.) I doubt there’s much consensus there, either. I know that over the past four years, I’ve seen friends and acquaintances shuffle around all sorts of neighborhoods, and I’d be hard pressed to identify one spot where everyone is moving or wants to be. For every twenty-something I know who’s bully on Pilsen or Avondale, there’s one who still prefers Lincoln Park or Lake View.

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