Tis the week before Christmas and there are open houses

2006 Santa Cycle Rampage, Chicago

Prior to the real estate bust, Los Angeles Realtors held nearly full open house schedules on Christmas weekend, and even on Christmas day.

That’s never been the case in Chicago, and it won’t be this year, despite what one local manager characterizes as a market that “hasn’t followed the normal seasonal ebbs and flows.” Chicago isn’t as religiously diverse as LA, the weather is different, and some contend that Chicago agents more readily take a weekend off than LA agents .

In prior years you’d be hard pressed to find an open house to visit the weekend before Christmas. The open house schedule is light this weekend, but not blank. And, it’s fair to assume that sellers who have their houses open for viewing this weekend are, as they say, motivated.

If you’d rather shop for a home than for more modestly-sized holiday gifts, head over to Redfin and type in your preferred ZIP code or community to see what’s open.

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