Today’s first real estate deal of the century

Every day, it seems, confronts me with at least one new once-in-a-lifetime opportunity or deal of the century.

Today’s first deal of the century was a garden-variety tract home in a large development priced one-third below its 2007 purchase price and one-third above dozens of comparable offerings in the same development. My first once-in-a-lifetime opportunity was an offering of vacant land in a suburb with plentiful vacant land.

You might be inclined to dismiss these offerings as mere hyperbole, but I suspect there’s an element of truth in most of them. The offering could be the first listing the agent has landed this century, or the agent’s once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to earn a commission by listing a property that’s fairly priced.

What’s your favorite hyperbolic phrase and what’s the agent reality behind it?

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