Toll Brothers, Glenview and CribChatter

Google Analytics tells us that many of our readers also visit CribChatter, and many of their readers visit YoChicago. We have very different approaches to real estate, so it’s logical for people to sample both.

A post over at CribChatter today, on the subject of Toll Brothers experience in the Chicago area and in Las Vegas, provoked the usual frenzy of comments from CribChatterers who convincingly demonstrated that they know nothing about Toll Brothers, about the communities in which Toll Brothers has built in Chicagoland or the reasons people are attracted to those communities.

In near-suburban Glenview, just west of the North Shore, Toll Brothers (TB) built at The Glen, one of the most sought-after and successful large-scale developments in the entire country. TB’s projects at The Glen were designed to appeal to empty-nesters, a group that has had difficulty recently selling their existing homes.

The above video is a brief drive through a part of The Glen that was mostly completed in 2002, and a look at how home sales there have fared recently.

If you’re interested in Glenview or The Glen, you can see more video at our YouTube playlist, including a stop at Toll Brothers’ Patriot Commons townhomes and condominiums. If you’re interested in how people who don’t get out much while away the workday, head over to CribChatter.

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