Trio tower makes its open house debut

Trio, 670 W Wayman St, Chicago

The biggest piece of new-construction news I heard over the weekend was from Jameson agent Matt Ohlsen, who passed along word of a big milestone for RDM Development‘s Fulton River District development Trio.

This past weekend, Trio’s 22-story, 100-unit tower at 670 W Wayman St opened to visitors during open house hours. Jameson and RDM haven’t finished putting together models inside the building, and no, there still aren’t any tower units listed as far as I can see, but the fact that buyers can look around inside is a big step forward for the development.

At Trio’s two mid-rises, located at 650 – 660 W Wayman St, Jameson is dealing with just a handful of unsold inventory. The broker lists a single one-bedroom / one-bath in the $220s and two two-bedroom / two-baths in the $240s and $370s. Another five one- and two-bedrooms are available at resale from the $240s to $240s to $370s.

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