Trust, but verify

Redfin map

While I’m on the subjects of 2650 North Lakeview and Redfin data, I might as well point out the following.

You see this Google map at the bottom of every Redfin listing at 2650 N Lakeview Ave, site of a 42-story, 398-unit condo high-rise. See the parcel that Redfin outlined in red? Yeah, that’s not 2650 N Lakeview Ave — it’s 2626 N Lakeview Ave, site of a completely different 42-story tower with almost 100 more units. In turn, the map included with 2626’s listings highlight the parcel for 400 W Deming Pl, site of the 106-unit Marlborough building.

There’s nothing sinister at work here, but it’s still wrong, and it may happen at more locations than just this one. We use Redfin a lot, as do many buyers, partly because of its mapping functionality, so it’s worth remembering that the site’s info can’t be taken as gospel.

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