Truth at the bottom of a tea cup

Master Tea Blender John Harney of Connecticut’s Harney & Sons Teas, returns to the Ritz-Carlton Chicago on March 2 to read the fortunes of people using tea leaves.

If you’re more of a crystal ball-type person and you’ve never had your tea leaves read, here’s how it works: You sip your tea in The Greenhouse, the Ritz-Carlton’s charming lobby restaurant. Next, studying the remaining bits of tea leaves left in the bottom of your cup, Harney tells you what it all means for your future.

Seatings for the event are at 2:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. The cost ($30 per person, plus tax and gratuity) includes traditional afternoon tea, author discussion and tea leaves reading. Call 312-573-5154 to reserve a table at the Ritz-Carlton, 160 E. Pearson.

Harney will also be selling and signing copies of the book Reading Tea Leaves, which he found in an English bookstore years ago and had republished. Chances are that your fortune will be a good one–everything is good when you are sipping tea–but even if it is not, I can’t think of a nicer venue to get the bad news. Besides giving you that rosy glow, tea is also good for your body, which Harney will also talk about. A cancer survivor, Harney credits the daily consumption of black tea with helping him in go into remission.

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