Tweets and RTs from @LexingtonPark1

A couple of weeks ago, Lexington Park sales manager Britta Rivera told Joe that the only thing standing between buyers and the Lexington Park Condos was a certificate of occupancy from the city. We haven’t received word from Rivera that the certificate has been granted, but judging from Twitter user LexingtonPark1‘s tweets, deliveries could be right around the corner.

Lexington Park Twitter

Of course, you can’t believe everything you read on Twitter. Look back at some of LexingtonPark1’s tweets over the past few months, and you’ll find that this isn’t the first time they’ve announced that they were ready to move into the building.

Back on April 28, for example, LexingtonPark1 offered the following message to followers:

Lexington Park tweet

Then again, it’d be difficult to place much trust in anyone who broadcasts this sort of investment advice:

Lexington Park tweet

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