Two views of Lakeshore East construction

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You’ll have to wait for the video of my trip to Lakeshore East, but I don’t mind sharing these construction photos immediately.

On the left is the site of Lakeshore East’s 10 townhouse-style Parkhomes. Magellan Development Group broke ground on the Parkhomes late last year, and has already sold 11 of its 25 planned units. (Along with these townhouses, the Parkhomes feature another 15 single-, double- and triple-level homes.) Remaining units are priced from $1.2 million to $2.5 million.

The Parkhomes are located near the southeast corner of Lakeshore East Park, way down in the development’s central “valley.” (Parkhomes residents obviously aren’t buying their new homes for views of downtown and the lake. If anything, the location seems to shelter buyers from everything but Lakeshore East’s buildings, stores and park.)

On the opposite end of the park stands Aqua, the 81-story condominium / hotel high-rise currently under construction. I posted a picture of Aqua’s progress last week, but here’s one (at right) that demonstrates its location in the New East Side in relation to skyline staples like the Aon Center and Two Prudential Plaza.

Aqua is further along in its sales than I had realized; more than 96 percent of the building’s 267 homes have sold, according to Leila Zammatta, senior vice president of sales.

Check back later to see a video of my trip, including my ride in Lakeshore East’s new propane-fueled shuttle bus.

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