Upgrade incentives at 757 Orleans @ Chicago

757 Orleans @ ChicagoBecause it dominates our view to the north, we usually just snap photos of the construction on the 22-story 757 Orleans @ Chicago from the comfort of the Yo offices. On Friday, though, Joe and I took a walk down Orleans and visited the sales center.

The Gammonley Group is currently offering $5,000 towards upgrades on finishes, according to the sales associate on duty Friday. Between 50 and 55 percent of the 198 condos in the building have been sold, which is about where sales were when Joe Askins posted an update back in February.

This photo was taken from beneath the Brown Line tracks on Chicago Avenue, looking southwest. And as Joe Zekas noted last month, the building is topped out, and there are a few more rows of windows than there were a month ago.

According to the building website, price points for the condos range from the $240s to the $530s, and penthouses start in the high $700s.

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