Uptown – if not Latinos and A-As, then who?

A recent Comment of the day contended that the Latino and African-American population of Uptown is waning rather than increasing as 2005 Census data suggest.

The source that mass-marketers rely on for targeting demographics and lifestyles around the country is Claritas’ PRIZM NE, a source that I’ve found to be as accurate and up-toi-date (2007 data) as any national database can be. You can look up and research any ZIP code in the US at PRIZM NE’s “You are where you live” page.

PRIZM NE assigns multiple lifestyle clusters to each ZIP. One of the six clusters for Uptown / Edgewater ZIP code 60640 is “Big City Blues,” which is summarized as follows:

Lower-Mid, Middle Age Mix

With a population that’s almost 50 percent Latino, Big City Blues has the highest concentration of Hispanic Americans in the nation. But it’s also the multi-ethnic address for low-income Asian and African-American households occupying older inner-city apartments. Concentrated in a handful of major metros, these middle-age singles and single-parent families face enormous challenges: low incomes, uncertain jobs, and modest educations. Roughly 40 percent haven’t finished high school.

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