Urban Outfitters leases at the Mariano Park triangle

When I looked down on Mariano Park from a balcony at 1133 North Dearborn several months ago I was surprised to see that the site formerly occupied by the Hunt Club was still completely vacant. It’s the property behind the fence at the lower center of the above photo.

The park is ringed by popular bars and restaurants and is an absolutely great scene in warm weather.

Chicago Real Estate Daily reported yesterday that Urban Outfitters, which is currently located several blocks away on Rush St, has signed a lease for the ground floor space at the Hunt Club site.

You’ll get a closer at Mariano Park and the immediate neighborhood near the site of the new Urban Outfitters in the above video.

1133 North Dearborn currently has a studio available for $1,425, one-bedrooms from $1,695 to $1,780, two-bedroom, two-baths from $2,465 to $2,600 and a two-bedroom townhome-style unit at $2,550. If you book an appointment online you’ll receive a $500 discount on your first month’s rent.

Note: Planned Property, which owns and manages 1133 North Dearborn, is one of our sponsors.

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