Urban Sandbox party showcases modern style

Case Study 2007, Urban Sandbox

Last night, we stopped by “License to Thrill,” a party thrown by Ranquist Development and JODI Development to showcase Urban Sandbox. We reported previously that this development, at 1611 N Wolcott, has eight single-family homes, but the Web site for the project now says it comprises eight condos and five single-family homes.

The event was held at 1748 N Winchester, in a house that looked a lot like the modern structures Ranquist and JODI are building at Urban Sandbox. Tables were set up for drinks, food and games. One was manned by representatives of Kids Club, a nonprofit devoted to helping inner-city kids. Partygoers could make donations if they so chose.

Case Study 2007, Urban Sandbox Case Study, Urban Sandbox
Case Study 2007, Urban Sandbox 2136 W Thomas St

Case Study 2007, Urban Sandbox

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