"The New Loop," and R+D659's amenity level

“The New Loop” and “New West Loop” are neighborhoods that exist primarily in the minds of agents. We don’t use or endorse them, and we don’t know many others who do, either, but that doesn’t keep them from popping up in print ads and listings.

In this video, R+D659 listing agent George Schultz defends the term, saying that the four blocks sandwiched between the Chicago River and the Kennedy Expressway have a character and amenities distinct from the Loop and the West Loop.

Following that discussion, George takes me down to R+D659’s fourth floor, site of several amenities. We peek inside the lounge (home of the George Carlin quote) and head outside to the building’s terrace to get a look at the its pool, dog run, and south- and east-facing balconies. I also talk to George about R+D659’s proximity to the Kennedy, located just west of the building.

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