Views of Chicago’s near north beaches

We lead with a beach that typically garners little attention, despite the density just to its west: the beach at Olive Park.

The eastern views from some Lake Shore Drive high-rises might not be very inspiring in the dead of night, but they can be endlessly interesting on a summer day.

The 39-unit Benjamin Marshall-designed building at 1200 N Lake Shore Dr has a rooftop sundeck with the above views of Oak Street and North Avenue beaches.

The luxury condos at The Carlyle, 1040 N Lake Shore Dr, have what are arguably the best views of Oak Street beach.

The roof deck at 990 N Lake Shore Drive and the 44th-floor grocery at the Hancock overlook Oak Street and North Avenue beaches – and points further north.

The view of North Avenue beach from the roof deck at 1515 N Astor is partially obscured by LSD high-rises.

You’ll get a much better view of North Avenue beach from Castaways Bar and Grill, which is in the ocean-liner-like beach house pictured in the helicopter shot by our ace photographer, Michael Kardas, and in the view from the roof of Lincoln Park’s Belden-Stratford.

Four years ago YoChicago’s Joe Askins visited North Avenue beach for a ground-level view.

You’ll find many more Chicago vistas in YoChicago’s aerial and panorama albums at Flickr, in our videos at YouTube, and in earlier posts.

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